Cleansing with DRÜSEDAU floor soap

Wooden floorings are to be cleaned as dry as possible. Please look if your microfiber cloth is suitable for parquet. When the floor gets highly contaminated, he is to be damp wiped


Removing persistant stains with DRÜSEDAU Stain Remover

Particularly persistent stains like marker or fat can be removed with the DRÜSEDAU Stain Remover. Product is to be sprayed out of bottle, just let it interact and clean with clear water.

Populating with DRÜSEDAU Maintenance Oil nature and white

To increase protection of surfaces, get rid of installing traces or to give the floor a “stronger” look, we recommend maintenance after installing. This works with DRÜSEDAU maintenance oil nature (or maintenance oil white on white or extra white surfaces)


Maintaining with DRÜSEDAU Maintenance Oil nature or white

After some time the floor needs maintaining. With DRÜSEDAU maintenance oil nature or white, floorings look fresher and durability of surface gets preserved.

Detailed instruction for maintaining your oiled Drüsedau flooring:

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